What Is Long Term Depression?
Major Depression Is A Serious Mental Illness That Affects Over 20 Million Americans Each Year. It’s Characterized By Severe Low Mood, Loss Of Interest In Activities, Feelings Of Guilt Or Worthlessness, And Problems With Sleep And Concentration. While There Is No One Answer To The Cause Of Long Term Depression, It’s Important To Be Aware Of The Warning Signs So That You Can Get Help If You’re Feeling Bad.

Causes Of Long Term Depression?

There Are Many Possible Causes Of Long Term Depression, But The Underlying Cause Is Often Not Clear. A Combination Of Biological, Environmental, And Genetic Factors May All Play A Role. Some Common Causes Of Long Term Depression Include:
⦁ Stressful Life Events
⦁ Chronic Mental Or Physical Health Problems
⦁ Psychological Factors, Such As Anxiety, Depression, Or Low Self-Esteem
⦁ Poor Coping Mechanisms
⦁ Genetics And Family History
Many People Experience Brief Episodes Of Depression From Time To Time. But If You Have Major Depressive Disorder, You Have A Much Higher Risk Of Developing Long-Term Depression. Long-Term Depression Is A Serious Condition That Can Be Very Difficult To Treat. It Can Lead To A Range Of Other Problems, Including:
⦁ Difficulty Functioning At Work Or School
⦁ Energy Loss
⦁ Changes In Eating Habits And Weight Gain Or Loss
⦁ Difficulty Sleeping Or Insomnia
⦁ Decreased Motivation And Pleasure In Activities That Were Once Enjoyable

Symptoms Of Long Term Depression?

If You Are Experiencing Any Of The Following Symptoms, It Is Important To Seek Help:
1. Depression That Lasts For More Than Two Weeks
2. A Decrease In Interest In Activities You Once Enjoyed
3. A Change In Your Eating Habits, With An Increase In Weight Or An Inability To Lose Weight Even When Trying Hard
4. Insomnia Or Difficulty Falling Asleep
5. An Increased Appetite And An Inability To Stop Eating Even If You Are Already Overweight Or Obese
6. Decreased Sex Drive Or An Inability To Have Sexual Intercourse
7. Rage Or Uncontrollable Anger

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