What Is Lingering Migraine?
Migraine Is A Common Neurological Condition That Affects Around One In Seven People In The Uk. It Is Characterized By Recurrent, Disabling Headaches And Can Be Debilitating. There Are Many Different Types Of Migraine, And Each Has Its Own Set Of Symptoms. However, One Common Feature Of All Migraines Is Their Tendency To Linger – Even After The Initial Pain Has Dissipated. What Is Causing These Headaches To Stick Around For So Long, And What Can You Do To Get Them Under Control?

What Are The Signs Of Lingering Migraine?

If You Experience A Headache That Lasts More Than 72 Hours, You May Have A Lingering Migraine. Signs Of A Lingering Migraine Include Pain That Is Severe, Chronic, And Unrelieved; Frequent Headaches; Nausea Or Vomiting; Sensitivity To Light And Sound; Fatigue; Changes In Mood Or Behavior; And Difficulty Concentrating. If You Experience Any Of These Signs, See Your Doctor For An Evaluation.

What Causes Lingering Migraine?

Migraine Is A Condition That Affects The Central Nervous System (Cns). The Cause Of Migraine Is Still Unknown, But Several Factors May Contribute To Their Development.
Some People Believe That Genetics Play A Role In Migraine, As It Tends To Run In Families. Others Say That Environmental Factors, Such As Smoking And Eating Foods With Trigger Foods, Can Also Be Responsible.
Whatever The Cause May Be, Migraine Is A Complex Disorder That Requires Multiple Treatments. Some People Find Relief From Self-Care Measures Such As Lifestyle Changes Or Medication, While Others Require Specialized Care From A Doctor Or Specialist.
If You Are Suffering From Migraines And Would Like To Find Out More About The Condition And Possible Treatments, Read On For Our Blog Section On Lingering Migraines.

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