Different Types of Language-Based Learning Disabilities?
There are many different types of language-based learning disabilities. Each child with a language-based learning disability experiences difficulty in one or more areas of language development. These areas can include problems with phonology, grammar, vocabulary, and reading skills.
Phonology is the area of language that deals with sound patterns. A child with a phonology disorder may have difficulty understanding words that contain unusual or hard-to-pronounce sounds. For example, he may have trouble decoding words like “bat” that have a c in them (bac), or words that contain clusters of consonants.
Grammar is the structure of sentences and paragraphs. A child with a grammar disorder may struggle to understand complex sentence structures or to properly use past and future tense verbs. For example, he may not be able to tell you that the sentence “I will go to the store tomorrow” is in the present perfect tense because he hasn’t gone to the store yet.
Vocabulary is the list of words that a person knows. A child with a vocabulary disorder may have difficulty understanding new words or pronouncing words correctly.

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