What Is Limnophobia Disorder?
Limnophobia, Or Water Phobia, Is An Intense Fear Of Water. It Can Stem From Anything From A Traumatic Experience With Water To Simply Being Afraid Of Getting Wet. In Some Cases, People With Homophobia May Also Have A Compulsive Need To Avoid Water Even When It Is Safe To Do So.
There Is No One Cause For Limnophobia, But It Is Believed To Be Related To A Person’s Overall Anxiety Levels And Fear Response. Some People May Also Have A Heightened Sense Of Smell About Water, Which Can Make The Fear Even More Intense.

Symptoms Of Limnophobia Disorder?

Symptoms Of Limnophobia Disorder May Include A Strong Fear Of Water Or Any Body Of Water. People With This Disorder May Avoid Being Near Bodies Of Water, Even If It Means Leaving Their Homes. They May Also Experience Panic Attacks Or Other Symptoms When Around Water.

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