What Is Keto Migraine?
Keto Migraines Are A Relatively New Condition That Can Occur As A Result Of Following A Ketogenic Diet. A Ketogenic Diet Is A Type Of Eating Plan That Is High In Fat, Low In Carbohydrates, And Moderate In Protein. For Some People, Following A Ketogenic Diet Can Cause Constipation And Other Gastrointestinal Issues. As A Result, Those With Keto Migraines May Experience Severe Headaches, Neck Pain, And Nausea.

Causes Of Keto Migraine?

Keto Diets Are Often Touted As A Way To Lose Weight, Improve Your Health, And Reduce Your Risk Of Various Chronic Diseases. However, There Is One Potential Downside To Keto Diets: They Can Cause Migraines.
A Keto Diet Is A High-Fat, Low-Carbohydrate Diet That Helps To Control Blood Sugar Levels. For People With Migraines, This Can Lead To Increased Blood Flow And Pressure In The Head. In Some Cases, Keto Diets Can Also Cause Anemia And Poor Mineral Absorption.
There Are A Few Things That You Can Do To Help Prevent Or Manage Migraines While On A Keto Diet. First, Make Sure To Get Enough Vitamins And Minerals. Second, Avoid Processed Foods And Try To Eat More Fresh Produce. Finally, Keep Track Of Your Blood Sugar Levels And Adjust Your Diet As Needed.

Symptoms Of Keto Migraine?

If You’re Like Many People, You Might Be Thinking About Trying The Keto Diet Because You Think It Might Help You Lose Weight. However, This Popular Diet May Also Lead To A New Type Of Headache Called Keto Migraine. Symptoms Of Keto Migraine Include Severe Pain On One Side Of Your Head, Nausea, Vomiting, And Diarrhea. In Some Cases, Patients Also Experience Lightheadedness Or A Feeling Of Vertigo. If You Experience Any Of These Symptoms While On The Keto Diet, Talk To Your Doctor About Whether You Should Stop Eating Keto And See If There Are Other Options For Managing Your Migraine.

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