Jinn According To Quran And Hadees ?
The Jinn In Quran Is A Topic Of Great Interest To Muslims. They Believe That The Jinn (Spirits) Are Real, And That They Play An Important Role In The Lives Of Humans. The Quran Discusses The Jinn In Many Different Ways, And It Provides A Comprehensive View Of Their Nature And Behavior. The Quran Describes The Jinn As Beings With Free Will, Intelligence, And Powers. They Are Able To Change Their Shape And Appearance, And They Can Communicate With Humans. Some Of The Things That the Jinn Can Do Include Creating Things Out Of Nothing, Influencing Human Thoughts And Emotions, And Possessing People.The Quran Also Emphasizes The Importance Of Respecting The Jinn. Muslims Are Forbidden To Make Contact With Them Or Summon Them Using Magical Practices. They Are Also Advised Not To Mistreat Them Or Take Advantage Of Their Abilities.

Opinion Of Jinn According To Quran?

The Opinion Of Jinn According To Quran Is That They Are Creatures Of Fire, And Have The Power To Create And Destroy. They Are Also Responsible For Spreading Mischief And Discord In The World.

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