What are the Irregular periods symptoms ? All women should be aware of it .Many symptoms appear in the female body which can aware her of irregular periods problem.
Here are 10 main Irregular periods symptoms .
1 -When women have irregular periods she experiences a lot of pain during periods.
2 -Sometimes Her bleeding is excessive during periods or less instead of normal.
3 -in this condition, her periods’ are longer than seven days.
4- Her abdominal Area gets stressed a lot and also feels bloating in it.
5-Many women do not have bleeding when they have irregular periods and only have bloodstains that indicate that they are having a menstrual period.
6-She experiences pain in her bottom part throughout the month.
7-Her appetite loses or increases.
8-She disturbs me mentally and physically.
9-Because of this, she behaves rudely to everyone.This is because the body does not completely excrete the toxins that bother it in various ways.
10 -many women who have health issues also face irregular periods problems.
Because the excessive use of medicine reacts in the body in some way.
Which disturbs the whole-body routine. It is also considered a problem related to the uterus. And any type of uterus problem harm women mentally and physically.
In addition, many females face this problem due to spiritual problems like the effects of the evil eye and magic.
So women need to discuss this problem with doctors as well as spiritual healers to treat it on

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