What Is Intractable Migraine?
Migraine Is A Debilitating Neurological Disorder That Causes Severe Headaches, Typically Lasting From Two To 72 Hours. As The Name Implies, Migraines Are Notoriously Difficult To Treat – Even With The Best Medications And Therapies. In This Article, We Will Explore What Causes Migraines And How They Can Be Treated.

What Are The Symptoms Of Intractable Migraine?

Intractable Migraine Is A Type Of Migraine That Is Difficult To Control. It Typically Causes Severe Headaches, Nausea, And Vomiting. It Can Also Cause Vision Problems, Sensitivity To Light And Sound, And Problems With Coordination.

What Are The Long-Term Risks Of Intractable Migraine?

Intractable Migraine Is A Debilitating Condition That Can Cause Long-Term Risks. Some Of The Long-Term Risks Of Intractable Migraine Include:
⦁ Increased Chances Of Developing Other Headaches And Conditions Like Chronic Daily Headache (Chdh), Which Is A Type Of Headache That Lasts More Than 12 Months, Or Migraines With Aura, Which Is A Type Of Headache With Severe Visual Disturbances;
⦁ Increased Risk For Stroke In People Who Have Migraines; And
⦁ Increased Risk For Developing Psychiatric Disorders, Such As Anxiety Or Depression.

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