How we can protect our home from jinn ?
Jinn is not a new phenomenon. They have existed for centuries and have been mentioned in ancient texts, such as the Quran.
Jinn can be classified into three types:
1) Angels who disobeyed God and were punished by being made into jinn;
2) Humans who became jinn after death;
3) Jinn was born from fire…Lore of Jinn can be found in the Quran, The Prophet Muhammad’s Hadiths, and other ancient texts. Jinn is mentioned in the Quran but they are not mentioned by name. The word “jinn” is derived from a root that means “to stir up,” or “to confuse.” They’re sometimes called Djinns, meaning “genies .”One of the earliest mentions of Jinn is in the Quran, where they are mentioned in a passage that states “We created you from jinn and humankind.” There are also references to Jinn throughout Islamic literature. In the Quran: And I created not the jinn and mankind except they should serve Me. (51:56).

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