What Is Sinus Infection Migraine?
Sinus Infection Migraine Is A Rare Condition In Which A Person Experiences An Acute Headache, Neck Pain, Fever, And Nasal Congestion Due To A Sinus Infection. In Some Cases, The Person Also Experiences Unusual Visual Disturbances Such As Seeing Flashing Lights Or Stars. If Left Untreated, Sinus Infection Migraine Can Lead To Serious Complications Such As Stroke.

What Are The Causes Of Sinus Infection Migraine?

Sinusitis Is A Common Condition That Can Cause Headaches, Fever, And Fatigue. Sinus Infection Can Also Lead To Migraine Headaches. Surprisingly, The Most Common Cause Of Sinus Infection-Related Migraines Is The Common Cold. More Than 60 Percent Of People With Migraine Are Also Infected With Bacteria Such As Rhinovirus Or Sinus Virus. Other Causes Of Sinus Infection-Related Migraines Include Allergies, Head Trauma, Ear Infections, Mental Health Disorders, And Birth Control Pills.

What To Do If You Suspect You Have Sinus Infection Migraine?

If You Are Experiencing Migraine Symptoms, It’s Important To Get A Diagnosis From A Healthcare Professional. To Rule Out Other Causes Of Your Migraine, You May Need To Take A Series Of Tests.
If You Are Determined To Have A Sinus Infection Migraine, There Are Steps That You Can Take To Manage The Condition And Relieve Your Symptoms. Here Are Five Tips:
Take Antibiotics As Prescribed: Sinus Infection Can Cause Inflammation And Bacteria Can Spread Through The Airways Into The Brain. Taking Antibiotics As Prescribed Can Help Resolve The Infection And Reduce Your Migraine Symptoms.
Use A Nasal Decongestant: A Nasal Decongestant Such As Oxymetazoline (Afrin) Or Nasal Spray (Floxtor) Can Open Up Your Nasal Passages And Help Relieve Congestion. Apply The Medication As Directed By Your Doctor. Note That Overuse Of These Medications Can Increase Your Risk For Respiratory Problems.
Drink Plenty Of Fluids: When You Have Congestion, Your Body Experiences Increased Fluid Retention, Which Can Lead To Swollen Eyes, Face, And Neck. Drink Plenty Of Fluids To Prevent Any Further Swelling And Discomfort. Lemon Juice Is Also An

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