How to protect yourself from jinn?
As humans, we are not the only ones who need protection from the jinn. Jinns also need protection from other jinns and humans. The beliefs in Islam about the jinn are that they exist and that they can be both good and bad. They have free will to choose whether to do good or evil and so can be either allies or enemies of humankind. It is said that the jinn will emerge from their hiding places and do battle with the Prophet Muhammad. The jinn is not created by God, but they were once humans who disobeyed God and lived a sinful life. They fell from grace and so were sentenced to be eternally cursed with what believers call “the punishment of jealousy”, which means that they will envy humans and will try to do anything that disturbs their lives. Since they have no free will, the jinn cannot help themselves and simply are subject to this punishment.

Divine Protection

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