What Is Hormonal Migraines?
Hormonal Migraines Are One Of The Most Common Types Of Headaches, And They Can Be Incredibly Debilitating. In This Article, We’ll Explore What Hormonal Migraines Are, How They Manifest Themselves, And The Treatments That Are Available To Them.

How Are Hormonal Migraines Diagnosed?

Hormonal Migraines Are Diagnosed Through A Blood Test That Looks For Levels Of Estrogen And Progesterone. Some Other Symptoms That May Suggest A Hormonal Migraine Are Headaches, Mood Swings, And Neck Pain. Treatment For Hormonal Migraines Typically Involves Medication To Lower The Levels Of Estrogen Or Progesterone.

What To Do If You Have A Hormonal Migraine?

If You’re One Of The Women Who Suffer From Hormonal Migraines, There Are A Few Things That You Can Do To Try And Ease The Pain. First, Make Sure That You’re Getting Enough Sleep. Hormonal Changes Can Cause Your Body To Be More Sensitive To Pain, So Make Sure To Get Enough Rest To Help Reduce The Intensity Of Your Migraines. Additionally, Try To Keep Your Stress Levels Low. Stress Can Also Amplify Pain Sensations, So Try To Take Some Time For Yourself Every Day To Relax And De-Stress. Finally, Maintain A Healthy Diet And Exercise Routine. Both Of These Things Have Been Shown To Help Mitigate Symptoms In People Who Suffer From Other Types Of Headaches.

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