What Is High Functioning Depression?
High Functioning Depression (Hfd) Is A Condition That Affects Around 1 In 20 People. Hfd Is Characterized By Persistent Sadness, Low Energy, Poor Self-Esteem And Food Cravings, But Unlike Major Depression, Which Requires Significant Changes In Lifestyle Or Mood To Be Diagnosed, Symptoms Of Hfd Can Be Managed With Medication And Therapy. In This Article, We Outline The Symptoms Of Hfd And How You Can Identify If You Are Suffering From The Condition.

What Are The Symptoms Of High Functioning Depression?

High Functioning Depression Is A Type Of Depression That Is More Common Than Other Types. It Is Also Known As “Non-Clinical” Depression, “Acute Situational” Depression, Or “Purely Functional” Depression.
The Symptoms Of High Functioning Depression Are Similar To The Symptoms Of Other Types Of Depression, But There Are Some Key Differences.
Some Of The Key Differences Between High Functioning And Other Forms Of Depression Include:
High Functioning Individuals May Have Fewer Outward Signs Of Being Depressed.
They May Be Able To Function Effectively In Their Everyday Lives, Although They May Feel Sadness Or Emptiness Occasionally.
They May Not Require Medication To Treat Their Depression, Although They May Benefit From Psychotherapy Or Support Groups.

What Can You Do To Treat High Functioning Depression?

There Is No One-Size-Fits-All Answer To This Question, As The Best Way To Treat High Functioning Depression Will Vary Depending On The Individual’s Specific Situation And Symptoms. However, Some General Tips That May Be Helpful Include:
⦁ Seek Professional Help. If You Are Experiencing Severe Symptoms Of High Functioning Depression, It Is Important To Seek Professional Help. A Mental Health Professional Can Help You Understand Your Condition And Provide Guidance On How To Manage It.
⦁ Manage Stress Levels. Stress Can Contribute To The Development Of High Functioning Depression, So It Is Important To Learn How To Effectively Manage Stress Levels. This May Involve Engaging In Healthy Activities Such As Exercise Or Meditation, Setting Realistic Goals, And Taking Care Of Relationships And Other Responsibilities.
⦁ Avoid Alcohol And Drugs. Alcohol And Drugs Can Worsen The Symptoms Of High Functioning Depression, So It Is Important To Avoid Using Them If Possible. If You Do Decide To Consume Alcohol Or Drugs, Be Mindful Of How They Are Affecting You And Try To Limit Your Intake Accordingly.

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