Unveiling The Hearth Witch ?
The Hearth Is A Type Of Witch That Is Usually Associated With The Home, Hearth, And Family. The Term “Hearth” In This Context Refers To The Fireplace Or The Center Of A Home. , Where Usually Fire Is Lit. In Some Older Traditions, The Hearth Witch Is A Practitioner Of The Craft Who Has Devoted Her Life To Caring For And Maintaining This Holy Site. In Modern Times, Some Witches Have Come To Identify As Hearth Witches Due To Their Connection With The Sacred Practices Of Keeping Fires Going And Cooking Food In Kitchens. In Modern Occult Practices, Hearth Witches Are Often Seen As The Counterpart To A Spiritual Generalist Who Works With All Traditions Of Magic. Hexing Is Casting Spells On An Individual Or Object, Usually With The Intent To Cause Harm Or Negativity. In Modern Practice, Hexes Are Typically Cast For Negative Purposes Such As Revenge, Hurting Someone’s Reputation, Or Exerting Pressure On An Individual.
reputation, or exerting pressure on an individual.

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