Headache Over Right Eye
There’s something wrong with my right eye. I can’t tell if it’s a headache, but it feels like there’s pressure in my eyeball. It’s been throbbing intermittently for the past few hours, and it’s getting worse. What do I do?

Headache Over Right Eye

There are a few things that can cause headaches over the right eye, including: a head cold, sinus pressure, allergies, and brain tumors. In some cases, a headache over the right eye may be a sign of an underlying medical condition. If you have a headache over the right eye, make sure to see your doctor for an evaluation.

what is Headache Over Right Eye

There is a syndrome called headache over the right eye. This syndrome is characterized by a persistent headache that is located over the right eye and is associated with a red, irritated, painless eye. The cause of this syndrome is unknown, but it may be due to head trauma, sinus problems, or an infection. Treatment for this syndrome usually includes antibiotics and pain relief medications.

Cuses Of Headache Over Right Eye

Headache over the right eye is caused by a number of different factors. One common cause is a sinus infection. Other causes include an overactive thyroid, migraines, and pressure in the neck or face. If you have a headache that lasts more than three days, see your doctor for an evaluation.

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