Future Outlook for Apert Syndrome?
Apert syndrome is a rare genetic disorder that affects the development of the skull, face, and brain. There is no known cure, but advances in medical technology and treatments are helping children with Apert syndrome live fulfilling and productive lives.
Currently, there is no effective treatment for the most common form of Apert syndrome, which is called type I. However, a number of new treatments are being developed that may help children with type II Apert syndrome. These include surgery to correct facial abnormalities and/or the use of gene therapy to correct the genetic defect that causes the disorder.
There is also ongoing research into new ways to treat children with Apert syndrome who have other medical problems. For example, some children with Apert syndrome have problems with their eyesight or hearing. Researchers are looking into ways to improve these conditions using technology such as implantable devices or new forms of therapy.

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