What Is Androphobia?
Androphobia Is An Anxiety Disorder That’s Often Characterized By Intense Fear And Avoidance Of Men. Some People With The Disorder May Have Had A Traumatic Experience With A Man As A Child, While Others May Simply Be Uncomfortable Around Men. If You’re Experiencing Symptoms Of Androphobia, Read On For Advice On How To Deal With This Condition.

Symptoms Of Androphobia?

If You Have An Aversion To Men, You May Be Experiencing Symptoms Of Androphobia. Androphobia Is The Fear Or Hatred Of Men. It Can Be Difficult To Differentiate Between Symptoms Of Androphobia And Other Phobias, So It’s Important To Get Help If You Think You Have This Condition.
The Most Common Symptoms Of Androphobia Are Anxiety Around Men And A Strong Dislike Or Fear Of Being Around Them. You May Also Experience Panic Attacks When In Close Contact With Men, Feel Uncomfortable In Situations Where There Are A Lot Of Men Or Have A Hard Time Sleeping Because Of Your Fear.
If You’re Experiencing Any Of These Symptoms, It’s Important To Seek Help From A Doctor Or Therapist. Treatment Options May Include Therapy, Medication, Or Both. If You Struggle With Anxiety In General, Treatment May Also Include Medication To Help Reduce Your Anxiety Around Men.

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