What Are Frequent Ocular Migraines?
Frequent Ocular Migraines, Or Foms, Are A Type Of Migraine That Typically Affects People Over The Age Of 40. They Are Characterized By Recurrent Attacks Of Headache, Particularly In One Or Both Eyes. Although It Is Not Always Easy To Diagnose Foms, There Are A Few Key Signs To Look For. And If You Have Been Diagnosed With Foms, There Is Help Available – From Medications To Lifestyle Changes. Read On To Learn More About What Causes Foms And How You Can Treat Them.

What Causes Frequent Ocular Migraines?

Frequent Ocular Migraines Are A Type Of Headache That Affects The Eyes. They Are More Common In People Over Age 50 And Are Most Common In Women. There Is No One Cause For Frequent Ocular Migraines, But They May Be Caused By A Combination Of Factors, Including Genetics, Lifestyle Choices, And Environmental Factors.

How Is A Migraine Treated?

The Good News Is That Frequent Migraines Are A Treatable Condition. What Is Not So Good, Is That Most People Don’t Know How To Treat Them Correctly.
There Are Several Things You Can Do To Help Prevent And Treat Migraine Headaches. First, Make Sure You Have A Healthy Lifestyle And Avoid Trigger Foods And Activities. Secondly, See Your Doctor For An Evaluation And Be On The Lookout For Warning Signs Such As Changes In Vision, Neck Stiffness Or Pressure, Or Sensitivity To Light Or Sound. If You Experience A Migraine Headache, The Best Thing To Do Is Take An Over-The-Counter Pain Reliever Like Ibuprofen And Drink Plenty Of Fluids. Finally, If Your Migraines Are Getting Worse Or You’re Having Trouble Treating Them Yourself, See A Neurologist Who Can Give You More Detailed Instructions On How To Manage Your Condition.

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