What Are Balloon Phobias?
Balloon Phobias Are Intense Fears Of Balloons. People With This Disorder May Avoid Anything That Has To Do With Balloons, Including Looking At Them, Touching Them, Or Even Hearing Their Names. Balloon Phobics May Also Panic If They See A Balloon In The Sky Or On Tv.

Types Of Balloon Phobias?

There Are A Variety Of Types Of Balloon Phobias, Which Can Be Broken Down Into Environmental (E.G. Balloons In The Air), Animals (E.G. Dogs With Balloons), And Objects (E.G. Balloons Filled With Liquid).
Environmental Balloon Phobias Generally Occur When A Person Is Faced With Balloons In Their Environment, Such As At A Party Or During A Parade. People With This Type Of Fear Often Become Extremely Anxious Or Panicked When Confronted With Balloons, Even If They’ve Never Had A Problem Before.
Animal Balloon Phobias Are Typically Rooted In Fear Of Dogs Or Cats, And Often Involve Thinking That The Animal Will Get Caught In The Balloon And Suffer Harm. People With This Type Of Fear Often Avoid Events Where There Are Balloons Or Animals Present Or Make Sure To Keep An Eye On Their Pets While At Such Events.
Object Balloon Phobias Are Typically Associated With Fears Of Strange Objects, Such As Balloons Filled With Liquids Or Sharp Objects Attached To Them. People With This Type Of Fear May Avoid Going Near Balloons Altogether, Or Will Only Allow People They Know Well To Give Them Balloons.

What To Do If You Have A Balloon Phobia?

If You Have A Balloon Phobia, There Are A Few Things You Can Do To Try And Overcome It. First, You Can Try To Identify The Fear That You Have Of Balloons. Once You Know What It Is, You Can Start To Work On Overcoming It By Practicing The Fear In Safe Environments. You Can Also Talk To Your Doctor About Possible Treatments For Your Balloon Phobia.

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