Female Hysteria is actually a disease of the female uterus. In which the secretion of sex hormones increases excessively. Women with hysteria cannot control their emotions.
Due to which a condition is created on it This is called hysteria . In addition, extreme stress can lead to hysteria in women. Because too much tension releases many chemicals into the human brain, Due to which female cannot control herself emotionally. Many doctors say that the cure for women’s hysteria is marriage .But new research has shown that hysteria can occur even after marriage. In ancient times, Female Hysteria was thought to be caused by giants.
In addition, according to some people, when a person tries to control his sexual desires, it also causes hysteria. Hysteria is most common in women who have excessive restrictions.

Symptoms of Female Hysteria

Women who suffer from hysteria may experience the following symptoms during this time.
During hysteria, women have difficulty breathing.
In a state of hysteria, a woman feels as if a ball of air is coming from her uterus towards her throat .
In a state of hysteria, the woman feels as if her throat is shut.
In hysteria, the patient has difficulty speaking Due to which the patient speaks from time to time .
In a state of hysteria the female feels paralysis in her body.
The hysterical patient cannot hold anything properly.
Her lips and teeth are mostly shivering.
Hysteria patient is always in some kind of fear.
The hysterical patient does not pay attention to eating, drinking or keeping well.
In female hysteria, a woman’s body trembles a lot.
Symptoms of hysteria intensify at night

Disadvantages of Female Hysteria

Hysteria sufferers face many disadvantages in their life and here are some of these disadvantages.
This is the biggest disadvantage of women’s hysteria ، that even after the hysteria has healed, the woman is still in a state of anxiety and fear.
She is afraid of getting hysteria again.
The hysterical patient loses confidence due to her fear and anxiety.
And she avoids going anywhere.
Hysteria patient experiences moments like depression and anxiety in different situations of life. And that is quite possible that a bad circumstances and stress make her a victim of Female Hysteria again .

Besides, such a woman also begins to live in a world of imagination.
That is, she turns away from the world of reality and sees everything according to her thoughts and thinking.
Remember that effects such as magic, giants and evil eye can also cause hysteria in the female.

Because negative energy affects the female quickly.
Therefore, medical and spiritual treatment of hysteria is very important.

So that the patient can lead to a normal life.

Spiritual Treatment of Female Hysteria

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