Hormones Problem is the most common and significant problem of Female. Many women today suffer from hormonal disorder. Which is the major reason for their anxiety.
Females have a hormones problem when the body secretes too much or too little hormones.

Symptoms of Hormones problem

Females that suffer from hormonal imbalances may have the following symptoms.
1- Women who have hormonal problem , their menstrual cycle also disturb.
2- The mood of such women is mostly bad.
3- They get pimples on their face.
4- Gradually, the beauty of their face faded.
5- Hair begins to grow on their face which badly affects the beauty of the woman.
6- Women with hormonal problems also experience Under navel pain.
7- Such women are not very active mentally and physically.
8- Women with hormonal problems tend to be lazy.
9- And with each passing day, they begin to gain weight.
10- Due to which they become fatty.

Reasons of Hormones problem

There are many possible causes of hormonal disorders in women Here are some of the reasons .
1 -Hormonal disorders can also be caused by excessive use of medicine.
2-Women who have been very ill and physically weak have also this problem.
3 -Women who suffer from excessive tension, anxiety or depression, they also suffer from hormonal disorder.
4-Because being mentally disturbed stress hormones releases which disturb the normal secretion of hormones.
5-Females with thyroid problem also have hormonal imbalance.
6 -Lack of sleep and lack of peace of mind also lead to hormonal problems in the females.

Disadvantages of Hormones problem

Females suffer from many physical and feminine harms due to hormones Problem.
Which is a problem for both married and unmarried Females.
The following are some of the harms that women face due to hormonal imbalance.
1 -Hormone problem affects badly both married and unmarried females.
2 -woman’s menstrual cycle is disturbed due to hormonal imbalance.
3 -increases the weight of the female.
4 -The beauty of the woman also ends and married women can not conceives a child due to hormones problem. Because regular periods is very important for females to become pregnant
5- many females are suffering from infertility due to Harmonal issue.
6 -Due to the hormones imbalance women are also suffering from many psychological diseases.
Some women also get Hormonal Problems due to evil, negative energy, and black magic. Which also causes women’s spiritual problems.
Therefore , medical and spiritual both treatment is very important for female to cure from Harmonal imbalance.

Female Hormones problem cure

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