What Is Achluophobia Disorder?
Achluophobia, Or Fear Of Light, Is A Disorder That Is Often Mistaken For A Phobia. Achluophobia Occurs When Individuals Are Excessively Fearful Of Both Light And Sunlight. This Fear Can Cause Debilitating Anxiety And Various Physical Symptoms. Achluophobia Can Also Lead To Avoidance Of Bright Light And Situations That Contain Natural Light.

Symptoms Of Achluophobia Disorder?

Achluophobia Is An Intense Fear Of Noise And Crowds. Some People With Achluophobia May Avoid Going To Crowded Places Or May Become Anxious Or Upset When In Noisy Environments.
Many People With Achluophobia Experience Significant Distress When Exposed To Noises Such As Shouting, Sirens, Or Fireworks. They May Also Find It Difficult To Tolerate Even Mild Levels Of Noise.
Achluophobia Can Be A Disabling Condition, And Some People May Avoid Socializing Due To Their Fear.

Causes Of Achluophobia Disorder?

Achluophobia Disorder Is A Fear Or Anxiety Of Heights, Specifically The Fear Of Being In Or Near High Places. It Can Be Caused By A Number Of Different Things, Including A Person’s Genetics And Environment. There Is No One Definitive Cause Of Achluophobia Disorder, But It Can Often Develop As A Result Of Past Experiences Or Traumatic Events.
Achluophobia Disorder Can Also Be Caused By Certain Medical Conditions, Such As Vertigo Or Motion Sickness. It Can Also Be Caused By Anxiety Disorders Or Panic Attacks, Which Can Make People Feel Afraid And Anxious In Any Setting.
There Is No Cure For Achluophobia Disorder, But Treatments May Include Therapy And Medication. Some People Find Relief From Avoiding High Places, While Others Find That They Need To Continue Living In Close Quarters With Other People Because They Are So Fearful Of Heights.

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