What Is Omphalophobia Disorder?
Omphalophobia Disorder, Or Fear Of Eyes, Is A Fairly Common Phobia. According To The Anxiety And Depression Association Of America (Adaa), About 7% Of The Population Suffers From This Type Of Anxiety. However, Because Ophthalmophobia Is Such A Common Phobia, There Is Not Yet A Standard Diagnostic Criteria Set Forth By Experts In The Field.

Symptoms Of Omphalophobia Disorder?

If You Are Afraid Of Omphalos Or Navels, You May Be Suffering From Omphalophobia Disorder. This Phobia Is Characterized By A Persistent And Intense Fear Of Navels, Or Any Object That Vaguely Resembles A Navel. People With This Disorder May Avoid All Things Related To The Navel, From Watching Movies About Pregnant Women To Eating Food Made From Navels. They May Also Avoid Any Activity That Might Bring Them In Contact With A Navel, Such As Swimming Or Riding In Vehicles With Exposed Engines.
People With Omphalophobia Disorder Often Suffer From Intense Anxiety And Panic Attacks When They Are Around Objects Or People Associated With The Navel. They May Also Feel Uncomfortable And Embarrassed When Surrounded By People Who Are Carrying Around Navels Or Wearing Clothing That Shows Off Their Navels. In Extreme Cases, People With This Disorder May Avoid Even Entering Buildings That Have A Prominent Lobby Or Entrance Area That Includes A Large Statue Or Sculpture Of A Navel.
Although It Is Rare, Some People With Omphalophobia Disorder Go So Far As To Remove Their Own Navels Surgically. This Extreme Behavior Is Usually Motivated By Fear Of Being Exposed To The Objects Or People Associated With The

Treatment For Omphalophobia Disorder?

Omphalophobia Disorder, Also Known As Extreme Fear Of Eggs, Is A Debilitating Mental Health Condition That Causes Sufferers To Experience Intense Anxiety And Panic Attacks When Around Or Even Thinking About Eggs.
The Disorder Can Manifest In A Number Of Ways, But The Most Common Is An Intense Fear Of Getting Or Eating Eggs. For Some People, This Fear Extends To Anything Containing Eggs, Such As Cooking With Them Or Even Seeing Them In The Grocery Store.
In Order To Treat Omphalophobia Disorder, There Is No Single Cure-All Approach. However, Various Treatments Can Help Sufferers Manage Their Anxiety And Improve Their Quality Of Life. Some Of The Most Common Approaches Include Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (Cbt), Exposure Therapy, And Pharmacotherapy. Cbt Helps Patients Learn How To Identify And Reframe Their Thoughts About Eggs, While Exposure Therapy Helps Them Face Their Fears In A Safe Setting. Pharmacotherapy Options Include Anti-Anxiety Medications And Mood Stabilizers.
While Omphalophobia Disorder Cannot Be Cured Overnight, Treatment Can Provide Significant Relief For Many Sufferers.

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