What is Facial Dysmorphism Trisomy?
Facial dysmorphism trisomy is a disorder in which there is an alteration of facial features. The most common facial dysmorphism is a cleft lip and palate. Other facial dysmorphisms can include a wide nose, a flat face, or almond-shaped eyes. Some people with facial dysmorphism trisomy have features that are not typical for any particular race or ethnicity.

Types of Facial Dysmorphism Trisomy?

There are a few different types of facial dysmorphism that can be caused by trisomy 21. These include:
Cleft lip and palate. This is when the lip and/or roof of the mouth don’t close properly, leading to difficulty eating and drinking.
Colored birthmarks. These are patches of skin that are either too light, too dark, or have an unusual color.
Enlarged tongue. This is often due to a lack of blood flow to the tongue, which can make it larger than usual.
Eye coloboma (a birthmark on the eye). This is a benign tumor that can form anywhere in the eye but is most common near the pupil (the black part of the eye).

Causes of Facial Dysmorphism Trisomy?

There are many causes of facial dysmorphism trisomy. Some of the more common ones include:
•Chromosomal abnormalities can cause facial dysmorphism trisomy. These abnormalities can lead to changes in the shape or structure of the face.
•Congenital defects can also cause facial dysmorphism trisomy. These defects can occur during early development and can cause a child to have a face that is different from other children his or her age.
•Environmental factors can also cause facial dysmorphism trisomy. This includes things like exposure to radiation or chemicals during pregnancy, which can cause birth defects in the baby’s brain and/or face.
•Rare genetic diseases can also cause facial dysmorphism trisomy. These diseases are caused by changes in one of the genes that make up the chromosomal DNA (the DNA inside each cell).
•Facial dysmorphism trisomy can also be caused by genetic alterations that happen after conception (during egg or sperm cells’ division).

Treatment Options for Facial Dysmorphism Trisomy?

There are a variety of treatments available for people with facial dysmorphism trisomy. Depending on the severity of the disorder, several different interventions may be necessary, including surgery, medications, and physiotherapy.
The following is a summary of some of the most common treatment options for people with facial dysmorphism trisomy:
• Surgery: Surgery may be necessary to correct the physical abnormalities caused by facial dysmorphism trisomy. Common procedures include cleft lip and palate repair, forehead reconstruction, and jaw correction.
• Medications: Some people with facial dysmorphism trisomy require medications to improve their symptoms. These medications can help to improve facial features, including skin texture and symmetry. Examples of these medications include prostaglandin analogs (such as latanoprost) and teratogens (such as methotrexate).
• Physiotherapy: Physiotherapy may help improve symptoms related to facial dysmorphism trisomy. This includes activities such as stretching and exercises that improve muscle tone.

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