How to do Facial Dysmorphia Yoga?
Facial dysmorphia is a mental disorder that involves an excessive and persistent concern with one’s facial appearance. This can cause significant distress and interfere with normal social interactions. While there is no cure for facial dysmorphia, yoga can be very helpful in managing the symptoms. This article will teach you how to do facial dysmorphia yoga.
The first step is to find a comfortable position on the floor. You can sit or lay down, but make sure that your spine is straight and your neck is relaxed. Next, close your eyes and take a few deep breaths to calm your mind and relax your body. Once you are calm, start by focusing on your breath. Inhale slowly and focus on the air flowing into your lungs, and exhale slowly and completely through your nose. Continue this process for several minutes until you feel relaxed.
Now it’s time to start the facial dysmorphia yoga session. Start by focusing on your forehead – try to imagine that you are lifting it towards the sky. Then move your attention down to your nose, chin, cheeks, and lips. Be gentle with yourself – if something feels too uncomfortable, don’t force it.

Benefits of Facial Dysmorphia Yoga?

Facial dysmorphia, also known as Congenital, is a rare but severe form of facial distortion that results in an abnormally small or nonexistent nose, small and wide mouth, or excessive wrinkles or creases on the forehead.
Despite its name, facial dysmorphia does not always involve a distorted appearance of the face. Many people with facial dysmorphia have Normal- appearing faces. Dysmorphia affects only the appearance of the face.
There are many benefits to Facial Dysmorphia Yoga. First and foremost, it can help improve self-esteem and self-image because people with facial dysmorphia often feel self-conscious about their appearance. Facial dysmorphia yoga can also help reduce anxiety and stress levels by providing calming sensations. Additionally, Facial Dysmorphia Yoga can help improve circulation and help relieve headaches and migraines.

Spiritual Cure For Facial Dysmorphia

Facial dysmorphia is a disorder in which people have an abnormally intense or persistent interest in one specific part of their appearance, typically the face. They may obsess about certain features, or feel compelled to fix perceived flaws. In some cases, people with facial dysmorphia may resort to extreme measures, such as plastic surgery or hair transplants, to change their appearance.

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