What Is Migraine Sweating?
Migraine Sweating Is A Common And Often Debilitating Side Effect Of Migraines. This Occurs When The Person With Migraine Experiences An Intense Sweat Response That Causes Them To Perspire Excessively. The Sweat Can Lead To Wetness, Heat, And Even Chills In The Body. This Can Make It Difficult To Function During A Migraine, And It Can Also Lead To Other Health Complications Such As Poor Circulation.

Causes Of Migraine Sweating?

Migraine Is A Headache Disorder That Affects Around 20 Million Americans. While Women Are More Commonly Affected, Men Can Also Experience Migraines. Despite Being One Of The Most Common Headaches, Migraine Is Still A Mystery To Many.
There Are Several Potential Causes Of Migraine Sweating, But The Most Common One Is Called Vasodilation. Vasodilation Happens When Blood Vessels Dilate, Which Can Cause An Increase In Sweating. This Is Because Sweat Helps Cool The Body Down.
Other Potential Causes Of Migraine Sweating Include:
Abnormal Levels Of Serotonin: Serotonin Is A Neurotransmitter That Helps Control Mood And Anxiety. Abnormal Levels Of Serotonin Can Lead To An Increase In Sweating.
Hormonal Changes: Women Typically Experience More Hormonal Changes During Their Periods Than Men Do. This Can Cause An Increase In Sweating.
Medications: Certain Medications, Such As Beta-Blockers And Antidepressants, Can Cause An Increase In Sweating.

How To Treat Migraine Sweating?

If You’re Experiencing A Lot Of Sweating During A Migraine, There Are A Few Things You Can Do To Help Relieve The Symptoms. First, Make Sure You’re Drinking Plenty Of Fluids To Stay Hydrated. Second, Consider Using Over-The-Counter Medications Like Ibuprofen Or Naproxen To Help Reduce Pain And Inflammation. And Finally, If Your Migraines Are Accompanied By Nausea And Vomiting, Taking Over-The-Counter Medication For That As Well Can Be Helpful.

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