What Is Exogenous Depression?
Exogenous Depression Is A Type Of Depression That Is Caused By Factors Outside Of The Individual. These Factors Can Be Stressful Or Traumatic Experiences, Such As A Death In The Family, A Job Loss, Or A Natural Disaster. People With Exogenous Depression May Have Symptoms That Are Different From Those Of People With Endogenous Depression. For Example, They May Have More Severe Mood Swings, Decreased Energy Levels, And Fewer Thoughts About Happiness Or Joy.

How Does Exogenous Depression Happen?

Depression Is An Illness That Affects The Way A Person Feels, Thinks, And Behaves. It Can Be Caused By Any Number Of Things, Including Genetics, Environment, And Lifestyle Choices.
Exogenous Depression Happens When A Person Experiences Depression Without Having Any Known Cause. This Type Of Depression Can Be Caused By Factors Like:
There Is Some Evidence That Depression May Be Inherited. About One In Four People With Major Depressive Disorder Have A First-Degree Relative Who Also Has A Major Depressive Disorder.
Stress Can Trigger Or Worsen Depression In Anyone. Stressful Events Like The Death Of A Loved One, Financial Problems, Or Relationship Problems Can All Lead To Depressive Symptoms.
Life Events:
Some Life Events Like The Death Of A Loved One Or Difficult Childhood Experiences Can Lead To Long-Term Feelings Of Sadness And Despair. These Kinds Of Events Can Also Lead To Episodes Of Major Depressive Disorder.
Certain Medications Can Also Cause Depression. For Example, Antidepressants Like Prozac Work By Increasing Serotonin Levels In The Brain. Certain Birth Control Pills (Such As Yaz And Yasmin), Beta-Blockers (Such As Atacand), And Pain

What Are The Symptoms Of Exogenous Depression?

There Are A Few Symptoms Of Exogenous Depression That You May Experience. The Most Common Include Feeling Sadness, Emptiness, And Hopelessness. Other Symptoms May Include Changes In Appetite, Weight Loss Or Gain, Decreased Motivation, Difficulty Concentrating And Decreased Energy.

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