Delayed menses is a condition in which a woman’s menstrual cycle does not follow the normal pattern. It can be caused by stress, physical and emotional trauma, or other factors.
Delayed menses is a condition that affects women around the world. It can be caused by stress, physical and emotional trauma, or other factors. Women who have delayed menses may experience problems with fertility, sexual function, and even their mental health.
Delayed menses is not an easy condition to diagnose as it cannot be seen on an x-ray or blood test. Instead it’s diagnosed through observation of symptoms over time and through a thorough history of the woman’s menstrual cycle history.
Delayed menses is a very common problem in women. Today many females are suffering from this issue. But the question is what the actual cause of delayed menses or missing period.

Delayed menses causes

Many causes trigger delayed menses.
When a women get pregnant she misses her period and it’s normal.
A woman who moves to her menopause phase, then her periods become missed.
If a woman has a Hormonal imbalance issue so her menses are delayed because of this.
Those women who have serious medical conditions also face delayed menses problems.
Delayed menses problem also appears in women because of unhealthy lifestyles and health issues like physical ailments.
If women suffer from this issue for short period. Then it’s considered normal.
But if her delayed menses issue is not resolved ve more than six months. Then it needs to be treated.
Because delayed menses problems can disturb females mentally and physically. Women with irregular periods cannot get pregnant.
It affects female fertility function. It’s also considered a problem related to her uterus.
On the other hand, many women experienced this issue due to spiritual problems like magic and the evil eye. So it’s important to consult a doctor and spiritual healer in this regard.

Spiritual treatment for delayed menses

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