Headache And Vomiting ?
There Are A Few Things That Can Cause Headaches And Vomiting. If You Think You Might Be Experiencing One Of These Symptoms, It’s Important To Get Checked Out By A Doctor As Soon As Possible. Here Are Four Of The Most Common Causes Of Headache And Vomiting:
1. Migraine Headaches: Most Migraines Are Caused By A Change In Blood Flow In The Brain, Which Can Lead To Pain And Nausea.
2. Headache From Sinus Infections: Sinus Infections Can Spread To Your Head And Cause Intense Headache And Vomiting.
3. Chemical Imbalance In The Brain: Certain Drugs, Foods, Or Environmental Toxins Can Cause An Imbalance In The Hormones That Influence Brain Function, Leading To Headache And Vomiting.
4. Stroke: A Stroke Can Damage Blood Vessels In The Brain, Which Can Lead To Headache And Vomiting.

What Is Headache And Vomiting

Headache And Vomiting Are Two Common Side Effects Of A Headache. Headache Is A Pain In The Head, Temples, Or Neck. Vomiting Is Throwing Up Food Or Liquids.

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