What Is Depression Headache?
Depression Headache Is A Type Of Headache That Can Be A Sign Of Depression. It May Also Occur With Other Diseases Or Problems, Including Migraine, Sinus Pressure, And Tension Headache.

What Are The Symptoms Of Depression Headache?

Depression Is A Mental Disorder That Causes Feelings Of Sadness, Emptiness, And Hopelessness. It Can Also Cause Problems With Sleep, Appetite, Energy, And Concentration.
The Most Common Symptom Of Depression Headache Is A Throbbing Sensation In The Temples Or Behind The Eyes. Other Symptoms May Include Headaches That Are Severe And Last For More Than Two Days, Headaches That Come And Go, Headaches That Are A Morning Phenomenon, Headaches That Worsen With Caffeine Or Alcohol Intake, And Headaches That Worsen When You Move Your Head From Side To Side.
If You’re Experiencing Any Of These Symptoms And They’re Causing Significant Distress Or Interfering With Your Everyday Life, It Might Be Worth Checking In With Your Doctor For An Evaluation. In Some Cases, Medication May Be Recommended To Help Relieve The Symptoms Of Depression Headache.
If You Think You Might Have Depression Headache, Please Talk To Your Doctor About Getting Tested For The Disorder.

How Is Depression Headache Diagnosed?

Depression Headache Is Diagnosed By A Healthcare Provider With A History, Physical Examination And Diagnostic Tests. The Healthcare Provider Will Identify The Type, Severity And Location Of The Headache. They May Also Ask About Other Symptoms That May Be Related To Depression.
Treatment For Depression Headaches Typically Includes Medications And Lifestyle Changes. Medications, Such As Antidepressants, Can Relieve The Headache And Improve Mood. Lifestyle Changes, Such As Quitting Smoking, Exercising And Eating A Healthy Diet, Can Also Help Reduce Headaches.

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