What Is Clinical Depression?
Clinical Depression Is A Serious Mental Illness That Can Significantly Impact A Person’s Day-To-Day Life. It’s Estimated That Around 10% Of People In The U.S. Experience Clinical Depression At Some Point In Their Lives, And It Can Cause Significant Problems Both Mentally And Physically.

Symptoms Of Clinical Depression?

There Are Many Symptoms Of Clinical Depression, But The Most Common Are: Sadness, Hopelessness, Fatigue, Difficulty Concentrating, Weight Loss Or Gain, Changes In Appetite Or Sleep Habits, And Feelings Of Worthlessness Or Guilt. If You Experience Any Of These Symptoms For Two Weeks Or More, Talk To Your Doctor.

What Causes Clinical Depression?

The Causes Of Clinical Depression Are Still Unknown, But There Are Many Factors That Can Contribute.
Some People May Be More Prone To Developing Clinical Depression Because Of Genetic Factors, Lifestyle Choices, Or Chemical Imbalances In The Brain.
Other Possible Causes Include: A Traumatic Experience Like A Death In The Family, Losing A Loved One To Suicide, Or Being Raped; Stress From Work, Relationships, Or Other Life Challenges; An Illness Like Bipolar Disorder Or Major Depressive Disorder; And Using Drugs Or Alcohol Excessively.
There Is No Single Answer To The Question Of What Causes Clinical Depression, But It Is Important To Get Help If You Are Struggling With The Condition.
If You Or Someone You Know Is Experiencing Symptoms Of Clinical Depression, Please Visit Your Doctor For A Diagnosis And Treatment Plan.

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