cracking the menopause ?
Menopause is a natural process in the life of a woman. It is the time when she stops being able to produce eggs and has her periods. It usually happens between 45-55 years old and lasts for about 10 years. Menopause can be an emotional time for many women because it can be difficult to know what to expect and how to cope with these changes. Menopause is defined as the time of natural, irregular menstrual cycles that last for at least 12 months or longer. The amount of time a woman has her periods slowly decreases until she no longer has any periods. She is considered to be in menopause if she does not have a period for one year or more. Once a woman reaches menopause, her risk for developing cardiovascular disease is cut in half.
If you experience these symptoms at young age and severity then consult with a doctor and spiritual healer for this purpose. Because when the normal symptoms become due to the effects of negative energy and harm a person in a way where the individual thinks that they have a medical issue. But in reality, they get medical and spiritual problems at a time.

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