Is Back Pain Cause Due To Migraine?
There Is A Growing Body Of Evidence That Migraine And Back Pain Are Related. A Study Published In The Journal Spine Found That People With Chronic Back Pain Are Twice As Likely To Have A Migraine. Additionally, People With Migraines Are More Likely To Suffer From Chronic Neck Pain And Headaches. The Link Between These Conditions May Be Because Both Involve Changes In The Flow Of Blood And Nerve Impulses In The Brain.
The Connection Between Migraine And Back Pain Is Not Simply A Coincidence. Some Experts Believe That Back Pain May Be One Of The Earliest Signs Of A Migraine Attack. If You’re Experiencing Back Pain And Also Experience Symptoms Such As Headache, Nausea, Vomiting, And Lightheadedness During An Attack, It’s Important To See Your Doctor For An Evaluation. Together, We Can Determine If Back Pain Is Causing Your Migraines Or If Your Migraines Are Causing Your Back Pain.

Why Does Migraine Cause Back Pain?

Migraine And Back Pain Are Related. When A Person Has A Migraine, The Blood Flow To Their Brain Is Reduced. This Can Cause Pain In The Neck And Back. The Pain From A Migraine Can Also Be Aggravated By Stress Or Fatigue, Which Can Lead To Back Pain.

How Can Prevent Back Pain Due To Migrain?

Migraineurs Are More Likely To Experience Back Pain, According To The Migraine Research Foundation. The Foundation Says That People With Migraines May Experience Increased Levels Of Inflammation In The Back And Neck, Which Can Lead To Pain. There Are A Few Things Migraineurs Can Do To Prevent Back Pain Due To Their Migraines.
First, Migraineurs Should Keep A Headache Diary To Track Their Symptoms. This Will Help Them Identify Any Patterns That May Be Related To Their Migraines. Second, They Should Make Sure They Have A Comfortable Sleep Position. People With Migraines Often Sleep On Their Stomachs Or On Their Sides, Which Can Cause Chronic Back Pain. Third, Migraineurs Should Avoid Over-The-Counter Painkillers If Possible. These Drugs Can Increase Inflammation And Lead To More Pain.

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