What Is Constant Migraines?
Migraine Headaches Are A Type Of Headache That Typically Occur As A Result Of An Increase In Blood Flow To The Head. They Are Usually Accompanied By Severe Pain On One Side Of The Head And Can Last For Up To Three Days. While There Is No Single Cause For Migraines, They Are Thought To Be Caused By A Combination Of Environmental And Genetic Factors.

What Causes Migraines?

There Isn’t A Single Answer To This Question As Migraine Is Caused By Many Different Factors. However, Some Of The Most Common Causes Include: Genetics, Environment, Lifestyle, And Neurological Conditions. In Some Cases, Migraines May Be The Result Of A Trigger Event (Such As Eating A Particular Food), But In Other Cases They May Be A Chronic Condition That Is Difficult To Treat.

What Are The Symptoms Of Migraines?

Migraines Are A Neurological Disorder Characterized By Severe, Recurring Headaches. The Pain Is Usually Unilateral, And Can Last From One To 72 Hours. Many People Also Experience Sensitivity To Light, Sound, Odors, And Food. About 60% Of People With Migraines Have At Least One Other Comorbidity, Such As Depression Or Anxiety.

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