What Is Closo Phobia?
Closo Phobia Is An Anxiety Disorder Characterized By Extreme Fear Of Written Or Spoken Words. Sufferers Often Have Trouble Reading, Writing, Or Speaking In Front Of Others. Closo Phobia Can Be Incredibly Debilitating And Cause Sufferers To Avoid Any And All Opportunities To Speak In Public.

Symptoms Of Closo Phobia?

Closo Phobia Is An Irrational Fear Of Closets. The Fear Can Be Mild Or Severe And Can Persist Even After The Person Has Experienced A Closet Incident That Is Harmless. People With Closo Phobia Often Experience Intense Anxiety And Dread When In A Closet, Or When Thinking About Closets. They May Avoid All Closets, Or Only Use Them If Accompanied By Someone Else. Closet Incidents May Include Feeling Trapped Or Claustrophobic, Seeing Something In The Closet That Made The Person Feel Frightened Or Threatened, Or Hearing Something In The Closet.

How Is Closo Phobia Treated?

Closo Phobia Is A Fear Of Closets. It Is Treated With Therapy And Medication. Many People With This Phobia Find That It Is Manageable With The Help Of Therapy. Some People Are Advised To Avoid Closets Altogether, While Others May Be Recommended To Only Go In When They Have A Specific Task To Complete. Therapists Will Often Work With Their Patients On Exposure Therapy, Which Involves Gradually Increasing The Time Spent In The Closet.

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