What Is Cleithrophobia?
Cleithrophobia Is An Irrational Fear Of Being Enclosed In Small Spaces, Such As Elevators, Airplanes, And Cars. Sufferers Often Become Agitated And Experience Various Physical Symptoms In These Confined Spaces, Such As Shortness Of Breath, Palpitations, Chest Pain, And Migraines.
Cleithrophobia Can Be Incredibly Debilitating, And Many People Find It Difficult To Live Everyday Lives Because Of Fear. However, There Are Ways To Manage Cleithrophobia And Live A Whole Life Despite The Fear.

Causes Of Cleithrophobia?

Cleithrophobia Is A Fear Of Being Enclosed In Small Spaces Or Closed In Places. It Can Be Caused By Any Number Of Things, But Some Common Causes Are Claustrophobia, Panic Disorder, And Social Anxiety.
Cleithrophobia Can Be A Very Debilitating Fear, And It’s Important To Talk To Your Doctor About How You’re Feeling If You Think You May Have Cleithrophobia. There Are Many Treatments Available, And Most People With Cleithrophobia Learn To Manage Their Symptoms Over Time.

Symptoms Of Cleithrophobia?

Cleithrophobia Is An Irrational Fear Of Tight Spaces. It Can Manifest As A Persistent Fear Of Enclosed Or Claustrophobic Spaces, Such As Small Elevators, Airplanes, Or Even Cars. Common Symptoms Include Excessive Sweating, A Racing Heart Rate, And Feelings Of Dizziness Or Vertigo.
Cleithrophobia Is Not The Same As Claustrophobia, Which Is A Fear Of Being Trapped Or Confined In A Space. Cleithrophobia Is A Specific Phobia That Is Based On The Fear Of Tight Spaces. Cleithrophobia Does Not Typically Involve Images Or Thoughts Of Being Trapped; It Is Purely A Fear Of The Physical Space Itself.
There Are Several Treatments For Cleithrophobia, Including Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy And Medication. In Some Cases, Surgery May Be Necessary To Remove The Underlying Cause Of The Phobia.

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