What Is A Chronic Headache?

Chronic Headaches Are Headaches That Persist For More Than 12 Weeks. About 50% Of People Who Suffer From Chronic Headaches Are Women. The Most Common Type Of Chronic Headache Is The Tension-Type Headache, Which Is Usually Unilateral And Caused By A Muscle Tension Or Spasm In One Side Of The Head. Other Types Of Chronic Headaches Include The Migraine, Which Is A Severe Headache Due To A Typical Migraine Aura, And The Cluster Headache, Which Is A Recurrent Headache That Typically Affects One Side Of The Head. There Is Currently No Cure For Chronic Headaches, But There Are Treatments That Can Help Relieve Symptoms.

Types Of Chronic Headaches

Chronic Headaches Are One Of The Most Common Types Of Headaches. They Can Be Caused By Many Different Things, Including; Sinus Problems, Tension Headaches, Atherosclerosis (Hardening Of The Arteries), And Cervical Spine Problems. There Are Many Different Types Of Chronic Headaches, And Each Person Experiences Them Differently. Some People Experience Chronic Mild Headache, While Others Experience Chronic Severe Headache. The Most Common Type Of Chronic Headache Is The Chronic Mild Headache. This Is A Headache That Lasts For More Than Six Months, But Less Than Twelve Months. The Symptoms Of A Chronic Mild Headache Include; Pain On One Side Of The Head, Pain That Spreads To Both Sides Of The Head, And A Feeling Of Pressure In The Head. The Treatment For A Chronic Mild Headache Is Usually; Medication To Relieve The Pain, Relaxation Techniques To Reduce Stress, And Cognitive Behavioral Therapy To Help Change The Way You Think About Your Headache.

Causes Of Chronic Headache

Chronic Headache Is A Common Problem That Affects Millions Of People In The United States. The Headache Is Often Described As A Throbbing, Pounding Sensation In The Head That Lasts For Hours Or Even Days. The Cause Of Chronic Headache Is Unknown, But There Are Several Factors That Can Contribute To Its Development.Chronic Headache Can Be Caused By A Variety Of Factors, Including: Genetics Environmental Factors ,Headache Triggers,Neurological Conditions, Headache Drugs.

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