How do we get children’s protection from jinn?
The jinn is a part of the creation of Allah and they exist alongside the humans on earth. The jinn can be either good or evil and they are also capable of possessing humans. It is important to know that not all children are exposed to jinn possession, as it is not a common occurrence. However, there have been many cases where children have been possessed by the jinn and that has had various effects on them. In some cases, the child may have a period in which they are possessed and during that time, their behavior would be erratic. In other cases, the child may possess an evil spirit that would bring them harm. For example, evil spirits have been known to cause children to feed off of blood or drink alcohol. The amount of damage the jinn possession has on the child is determined by the strength of the jinn and its attachment to the child. The following are possible effects children may experience when they are possessed by a jinn: The following are some issues that may arise in children who have been possessed by a jinn .

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