What Is Casadastraphobia?
Casadastraphobia Is The Fear Of Castles. The Term Was First Coined In 1979 By Dr. Kimberly J. Boyle, An American Psychologist And Academic. Casadastraphobia Is A Type Of Phobia, Meaning That The Person Experiences Deep-Seated Anxiety Or Fear.
The Fear Of Castles May Seem Like A Silly Thing To Worry About, But For Some People, It Can Be Debilitating. People With Casadastraphobia Often Avoid Anything Related To Castles, Including Going Near Them, Reading About Them, Or Watching Movies Or Tv Shows Set In Castles. This Can Make Life Difficult Because Many Jobs And Activities Require Exposure To Castles. For Example, People Who Work In Tourism Or Catering May Have To Visit Many Castles In Their Career.

Symptoms Of Casadastraphobia?

Casadastraphobia Is An Anxiety Disorder That Is Characterized By A Fear Of Symmetry. The Individual May Have A Strong Aversion To Or Be Scared Of Symmetry In Any Form, Including In Things Like Furniture, Artwork, And Even People. They May Also Find Symmetry In Places Where It Doesn’t Normally Occur (Like In The Number Of Letters In A Word), Which Can Lead To Panic Attacks.
Symptoms Of Casadastraphobia Vary From Person To Person, But Some Common Symptoms Include: Feeling Afraid When Viewing Symmetrical Objects Or Pictures; Experiencing A Sudden Panic Attack When Viewing Symmetrical Objects Or Pictures; Avoiding Places Or Situations Where Symmetry Is Present; Feeling Discomfort Or Terror When Encountering Symmetrical Patterns Or Objects; And Experiencing Headaches, Dizziness, Or Nausea When Viewing Symmetrical Patterns Or Objects.

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