What Is Camera Phobia?
Camera Phobia Is A Mental Disorder That Causes People To Have Extreme Anxiety Or Fear When Confronted With Cameras Or Photos. Symptoms Can Range From Mild To Severe And Can Interfere With Day-To-Day Activities. If You’re Struggling With This Problem, Don’t Worry There Are Ways To Overcome It.

Symptoms Of Camera Phobia?

According To The Dsm-5, The Dsm-5, The Diagnostic And Statistical Manual Of Mental Disorders, Fifth Edition, Camera Phobia Is A “Distinct Anxiety Disorder In Which Individuals Experience An Intense Or Uncontrollable Fear Of Cameras”. Symptoms Of Camera Phobia Can Include:
Recurrent Thoughts, Images, Or Urges To Avoid Cameras Or Photos
Inability To Concentrate On Tasks Because Of Fears About Cameras
Excessive Body Tension When Around Cameras Or Photos
Sense Of Dread Or Panic When Thinking About Cameras Or Photos

How Can Camera Phobia Be Treated?

Camera Phobia Is A Fear Of Cameras. Some People Have This Fear So Intensely That They Avoid All Pictures Or Videos Taken With Cameras Altogether. Others May Only Have A Mild Fear, And Can Still Function Reasonably Well In Society. However, If The Fear Is Very Strong, It Can Cause Major Problems.
There Is No One Cure For Camera Phobia, But Various Treatments Can Help. Some People May Need To See A Therapist Or Psychologist To Work Through Their Fears. Others May Find Relief By Reading Self-Help Books Or Attending Group Therapy Sessions. In Some Cases, Medications May Be Necessary.
Regardless Of The Treatment Plan Chosen, It Is Important To Remember That Camera Phobia Is Not An Illness, And It Does Not Require Any Kind Of Medication To Treat It. Most People With Cameraphobia Can Lead Relatively Normal Lives Once They Learn How To Manage Their Fears.

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