What Is Caffeine Headache

Caffeine Headache Is A Type Of Headache That Is Caused By Caffeine Ingestion. It Typically Occurs Within 30 Minutes To An Hour After Consuming Caffeine, And It Can Last Up To Six Hours. Symptoms Of Caffeine Headache Include A Severe Headache, Nausea, Vomiting, And Diarrhea.

How To Treat Caffeine Headache

If You’re Experiencing A Caffeine Headache, There Are A Few Things You Can Do To Ease The Pain. First, Try Drinking Plenty Of Fluids To Replace The Fluids Your Body Is Losing Due To The Headache. Second, Take Pain Relievers Such As Ibuprofen Or Tylenol If The Headache Is Really Bad. Finally, Try Resting Your Head On Something Soft And Cool, Such As A Pillow Or An Ice Pack.

Prevention Of Caffeine Headache

Prevention Of Caffeine Headache Starts With Understanding The Cause. Caffeine Is A Stimulant That Can Cause A Headache When It Is Consumed In Large Amounts. It Can Also Be A Contributing Factor To Other Types Of Headaches, Including Tension-Type Headaches. Here Are Some Tips To Help Prevent Caffeine Headache:Limit Caffeine Intake To Moderate Levels. Consume No More Than 300 Mg Of Caffeine Per Day, Which Is Equivalent To Two Cups Of Coffee.Avoid Drinking Caffeine On An Empty Stomach. Drinking Caffeine Right Before Bedtime May Increase The Chances Of Getting A Headache In The Morning.Avoid Drinking Caffeinated Beverages Close To Bedtime. Caffeinated Beverages May Stimulate The Nervous System And Lead To A Headache In The Early Morning Hours.Avoid Drinking Alcohol While Taking Caffeine. Alcohol Can Worsen The Effects Of Caffeine And Lead To A Headache.

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