What Is Fear Of Elevators?
Fear Of Elevators Is A Phobia That Many People Experience. It’s A Fear Of Going Up Or Down In An Elevator, Usually Triggered By A Traumatic Experience In The Past. If You Have This Fear, It Can Be Difficult To Get Around It. Fortunately, There Are Things You Can Do To Overcome It.

Causes Of Fear Of Elevators?

Some People May Have A Fear Of Elevators Because Of Experiences They’ve Had In The Past. They May Have Been Stuck In An Elevator Or Felt Like It Was Going To Fall. Or, They May Have Seen Something Scary Happen To Someone Else In An Elevator. Whatever The Reason, Elevator Phobia Is Real And Can Be Debilitating.
There Are Many Things People Can Do To Overcome Their Fear Of Elevators. First, Try To Understand Why It’s Happening. Once You Know What’s Causing Your Fear, You Can Start To Work On Dealing With It. Here Are Some Tips For Conquering Your Fear Of Elevators:
•recall Your Previous Elevator Experiences. This Will Help You To Understand Why You’re Afraid Of Them And Remember How You Felt During Those Incidents.
•talk About Your Fears With A Friend Or Family Member. It Can Be Reassuring To Share Your Experiences With Someone Who Will Understand And Not Judge You.
•take A Step Back And Look At The Situation Objectively. Rather Than Getting Wrapped Up In Fear, Try To Focus On What’s Happening Around You. This Will Help You Stay Calm And Rational During The Incident.

Treatment For Fear Of Elevators?

There Is No Single Answer To Curing The Fear Of Elevators, As The Root Cause Of The Phobia May Vary From Person To Person. However, Various Treatments Can Be Attempted To Alleviate The Symptoms And Help People Live More Comfortably With This Anxiety-Causing Fear.
Some People May Find Relief Through Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (Cbt), Which Emphasizes Identifying And Challenging Negative Thoughts And Beliefs That Fuel The Fear. Other Treatments That May Be Effective Include Exposure Therapy, In Which Sufferers Are Gradually Exposed To Their Fears In Controlled Environments, And Panic Disorder Treatment, Which Focuses On Relieving Symptoms Such As Panic Attacks And Difficulty Breathing.

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