What Is Extreme Dental Phobia?
Individuals With Extreme Dental Phobia (Xdp) Experience Intense And Overwhelming Anxiety When Faced With Dental Procedures Or Even Seeing Dental Images. According To The National Institute Of Mental Health, About 1 In 20 Americans Suffers From Xdp, Making It One Of The Most Common Types Of Anxiety.

Symptoms Of Extreme Dental Phobia?

The Symptoms Of Extreme Dental Phobia Can Vary From Person To Person, But They Typically Include An Intense Fear Of Going To The Dentist, Feeling Very Tense And Anxiety-Ridden During Visits To The Dentist, And Experiencing A Great Deal Of Physical Distress When Visiting The Dentist. In Some Cases, People With Extreme Dental Phobia May Even Avoid Eating Or Drinking Anything That Has Been In Contact With Teeth Or Saliva For Fear That It Will Make Their Condition Worse.

How Do You Overcome The Fear Of Dentists?

There Are Many Ways That People Overcome Their Fear Of Dentists. One Common Technique Is To Expose Oneself Gradually To The Dentist’s Office. Start By Scheduling A Small Appointment, Such As For A Cleaning Or Check-Up, And Then Work Up To Having A More Extensive Appointment. Once You Are Comfortable With The Setting, Try Visiting The Dentist While They Are Working On Another Patient. This Will Help You Realize That Dentists Are Actually Quite Skilled And Professional At Their Jobs. Additionally, Learn About The Dentist’s Procedures And Ask Questions Before Your Appointment So That You Can Have An Informed Discussion With Your Dentist. Finally, Find A Dentist Who You Trust And Feel Comfortable Working With.

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