What are brain tumor headaches?

A brain tumor headache is a type of headache caused by a tumor in the brain. The most common types of brain tumors are benign tumors, such as gliomas and meningiomas, but any type of tumor can cause a brain tumor headache.
The headache usually starts gradually and gets worse over time. It may be described as pressure or stabbing pain in the head, neck, or shoulder. The pain may also spread to the jaw, face, or chest. In some cases, the headache may be accompanied by nausea and vomiting.
There is no one cause for a brain tumor headache, but they may occur more often in people who have other illnesses or who have had previous head injuries. Treatment depends on the type of tumor and may include surgery, radiation therapy, or chemotherapy. If the tumor is removed surgically, most people experience few if any headaches afterward.
If you experience persistent headaches that do not improve with treatment, please consult your doctor for further evaluation.

Causes of brain tumor headaches

Brain tumor headaches are a common symptom of brain tumors. They occur when the tumor presses on the skullbone, causing pressure on the brain.

Brain tumor headaches can be caused by several factors, including:

The size and location of the tumor.

The presence of nearby blood vessels or nerves.

The shape of the skull.

Symptoms of a brain tumor headache

Brain tumors are the most common type of cancer, according to the American Cancer Society. When a tumor is large enough, it can press on surrounding tissues and cause pain. The pressure from a brain tumor may also cause a headache. Here are five signs that you may have a brain tumor headache:

headaches that are severe and last for more than two days
 headaches that are constant and come on suddenly
 headaches that seem to worsen with exertion or when you change your position
 neck stiffness or discomfort when you move your head
 nausea or vomiting
If you experience any of these symptoms, see your doctor.

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