What Is Migraine Eye Pain?
Migraine Eye Pain Is A Type Of Headache That Typically Involves Pressure And/Or Throbbing In One Or Both Eyes. It’s Estimated That About One-Third Of People Experience Migraine Eye Pain At Some Point In Their Lives, And It Can Be A Precursor To More Serious Conditions Like Stroke.

What Are The Causes Of Migraine Eye Pain?

Migraine Eye Pain Refers To The General Discomfort Or Pain That Is Felt In One’s Eyes During A Migraine Attack. Although The Exact Cause Of Migraine Eye Pain Remains Unknown, There Are A Few Factors That May Play A Role.
Most Common Causes Of Migraine Eye Pain Include:
Nerve Compression: Migraines Are Associated With A Decrease In Blood Flow To The Brain, Which Can Lead To Nerve Compression. This Can Cause Pain And Discomfort In Various Areas Of The Head And Neck, Including The Eyes.
Inflammation: Another Potential Cause Of Migraine Eye Pain Is Inflammation. This Occurs When The Lining Of The Eye Walls Becomes Inflamed And Swollen, Which Can Lead To Pressure And Pain. Inflammation Is Often Triggered By Environmental Factors (Such As Smoke, Uv Radiation, Or Pollen) Or By An Underlying Medical Condition (Such As Hypertension Or Arthritis).
Dislocation: Finally, Displacement Of One Or More Bones In The Face Or Head May Also Cause Localized Pressure And Discomfort In The Eyes. This Is Particularly Common In People Who Have Suffered A Concussion Or Facial Fracture.

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