There are many causes of tension headaches. Here are some of the important ones.
1-Many people get this headache when they work too hard.
2-Mental fatigue can lead to tension headaches.
3-If a person’s mind is always thinking of something then he may be suffering from Tension Headache.
4-Some people do not tolerate anyone’s bitter words Due to this they suffer from Tension Headache disease.
5-People who repeatedly fail in life also fall prey to Tension headaches .
6-Fear is makes a person suffer from Tension headaches .
7-Excessive noise can also cause Tension headaches .
8-Negative energy is a very bad cause of Tension headaches . There is no material reason behind the Tension headaches caused by negative energy. Such tension headaches do not go away easily And it creates many endless problems for the individual.
Tension headaches can occur at any moment in an individual’s life and become more or less depending on the changing of circumstances.

Treatment of Tension headaches

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