There are many disadvantages to Anxiety . And here are some of the disadvantages.
1-The biggest disadvantage of anxiety is that it causes the patient to have heart problems.
2-Such a patient becomes the problem of high blood pressure.
3- Anxiety can also lead to incurable disease in which the heart problem is common.
4 -Anxiety causes the individual to lose confidence.
5- He can’t come anywhere for fear of his anxiety.
6- Anxiety also causes a person to have inferiority complex.
7- The patient consider his self useless and begins to live in solitude.
All these symptoms appear in a person even when he is suffering from evil eye , magic and bad effects.
Because the symptoms that appear in the state of anxiety also indicate the negative energy in the universe.
If you are feeling anxious and you are frustrated with life .
So your mind and body have been affected by bad influences, magic and evil eye.
Because these things attract the person towards negative thoughts and increase the state of anxiety.
Therefore, it is very important to have medical and spiritual treatment for anxiety. The disease can be cured as soon as possible.

Spiritual Treatment of Anxiety

The best and most beneficial spiritual treatment for Anxiety is Divine amulet. Because Divine amulet give strength to a person to cope with all the difficult situations.
It increase the human will power. Which help the patient to being strong mentally and physically .
If you want to overcome with anxiety disorder , then you should keep Divine Amulet with you and in your home for the well being of your all family members from mental disorders and spiritual problems as well.
You will soon be saved from Anxiety forever because of the divine Amulet.

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