There are many causes of Stomach ache , about most people don’t know. Due to which they can’t even treat it.
1-Stomach ache is usually caused by eating outside food or by food allergies.
2 -Some people do not digest food because their digestive system is not working properly. Which Causes of stomach ache .
3-Several people also have stomach ulcers. Due to which their stomach hurts them from time to time.
4- People who have constant constipation also have Stomach ache .
5- They also experience headaches, chest tightness and heart pain.
6-People who do not eat good food and use spicy things get their stomach upset.
After that, even if they eat good food, they have digestive problems.
In short, not eating good food, eating hotels food and not secretion of toxins from the body are the biggest causes of stomach pain and gastrointestinal disease. Which treatment is very important.
Because if the stomach upset all the time then the person can never improve his health and can not live a peaceful life.

Spiritual treatment of Stomach ache

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