What Is Venustraphobia?
Venustraphobia Is A Fear Or Hatred Of Beautiful Things, Often Manifested In An Obsessive Dislike For Anything Aesthetically Pleasing. It Can Be A Crippling Condition, Causing Sufferers To Avoid Any Situation In Which They Might Be Confronted With Beauty, From Going To Restaurants To Looking At Paintings.

Causes Of Venustraphobia?

Venustraphobia Is Fear Of Beautiful Things. It Can Be Caused By Anything From A Traumatic Experience With A Beautiful Object To Simply Being Around Beautiful Things Too Often. People With Venustraphobia May Find It Hard To Focus On Anything Else Other Than The Beauty Around Them, Which Can Make Everyday Tasks Difficult.
There Is No One Cause Of Venustraphobia, But It Can Often Be Traced Back To A Traumatic Experience Or Too Much Exposure To Beautiful Things. If You Are Struggling With Venustraphobia, There Are Some Things You Can Do To Try And Ease The Symptoms:
•try To Spend More Time Focusing On Mundane Tasks Instead Of Looking At Beautiful Objects. This Will Help You To Break The Habit Of Obsessing Over Beauty And Reduce Your Exposure To It.
•talk About Your Feelings With A Therapist. This Can Help You Work Through The Emotional Trauma That May Be Causing Venustraphobia.
•attend Group Therapy Sessions Dedicated Specifically To Dealing With Venustraphobia. This Can Provide Support And Help You Connect With Others Who Share Your Struggles.

Symptoms Of Venustraphobia?

Venustraphobia Is A Fear Of Beautiful Things. People With Venustraphobia May Experience A Range Of Symptoms Including Anxiety, Panic Attacks, And A Dislike Of All Things Beautiful. Venustraphobia Can Be A Debilitating Condition, And Sufferers May Find It Difficult To Enjoy Life Or Interact With Beautiful Things. Symptoms Of Venustraphobia Can Vary Depending On The Person, But They Typically Include Intense Fear And Anxiety Around Anything That Is Considered Beautiful Or Elegant. People With Venustraphobia May Also Have Difficulty Concentrating On Anything Else And May Feel Overwhelmed By The Beauty In General.

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