What Is Automatonophobia?
Automatonophobia, More Formally Known As The Fear Of Automatons, Is A Phobia That Refers To The Irrational Fear Of Robots Or Machines. It Is Considered A Specific Type Of Anxiety Disorder And Can Be Characterized By Severe Fear And Avoidance Of Any Object Or Activity Associated With Robots Or Machines. Automatonophobia Can Be Debilitating, And Sufferers May Find It Difficult To Go Outside Or Even Leave Their Homes.

Causes Of Automatonophobia?

There Are Many Causes Of Automatonophobia, But Some Of The Most Common Include:
•a Fear Of Machines Or Technology In General
•a Fear That The Machines Will Take Over Or Control Your Life
•a Fear That The Machines Will Hurt You Or Others
•a Fear That The Machines Are Creepy Or Inhuman

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